Sessional Instructor teaching experience

Community College Courses, Department of Liberal Studies, School of Community, Justice and Liberal Studies, Mohawk College of Applied Arts and Technology, 2018

I have been a Sessional Instructor at Mohawk College of Applied Arts and Technology, Hamilton, Ontario.

Courses Taught:

  • Society, Technology and Social Issues, SSCI SS299
  • Popular Culture, SSCI SSA106
  • Introduction to Applied Research, COM AS401
  • Communication Studies, COMM 11040
  • Labour Studies, SSCI 10066

Course TitleCourse CodeTerm
Popular CultureSSCI SSA106Winter 20
Introduction to Applied ResearchCOM AS401Winter 20
Society, Technology and Social IssuesSSCI SS299Fall 19
Labour StudiesSSCI 10066Fall 18
Communication StudiesCOMM 11040Fall 18